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Website of the Day: Measy

I have an issue when purchasing new gadgets: I seem to know what I want (I need a digital camera that takes awesome close-up photos but also works well in low light), but I'm not positive exactly which make or model is the best choice.

And while I appreciate the product reviews on some of my favorite sites, I don't feel like exhaustively reading them before I make a decision. So, I'm excited about Measy, a new site that aggregates product information, reviews, photos, and shopping information to help you make the best decision via a fun quiz.

To keep reading about Measy, just


If you're in the market for a new digital camera, DSLR, HDTV, or netbook but aren't sure which one's right for you, just answer a few easy questions. What's your price range? Which features are most important, or not important at all? Would you prefer to purchase from an eco-friendly company? Measy then recommends top product matches, scored on performance in each category you deemed important. Scores are supplemented with product reviews from top sites like PC Magazine and CNET, so you know why each product scored the way it did. Results also include links, so you can directly purchase the product.


The site was just launched in beta, so I'm looking forward to seeing which features they roll out next. I wish there was a Measy for every purchase — or maybe even online dating!

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