The designer of Gears of War 2 recently told Wired that the sequel to Gears of War would be more "girlfriend-friendly," namely, by making the female avatars' breasts smaller and having them not be "bad stereotypes." My knee-jerk sensitive reaction is with him using the term "girlfriend-friendly" — let's be clear — girl gamers do buy and play their own games and don't need to be classified generally as girlfriends (talk about bad stereotypes). The term girl-friendly is just fine.

In any case, I do appreciate that video game makers are recognizing that girls are playing these games and that some tweaks should be made to certain games to make them unisex. I know a lot of you girls will play a game whether you feel represented or not, but I know that the addition of less-polarizing features will make some girls pick up that controller, even if it's something as mild as adding an even number of female avatars.

It would be nice to see other video games follow suit too — wouldn't it be great to have a girl play as much of a starring role as Nico or Vlad in GTA IV?! On that note, what video games do you think could stand to be a little more girl-friendly?