Microsoft Unveils Windows Phone at Mobile World Congress

Microsoft dropped a bomb on the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona today, and it's called the Windows Phone 7 Series. If you're a Windows Mobile user, you can toss out everything you think you know about how this phone will look and feel — it's a whole new operating system for you to enjoy.

The Windows Phone comes with a touchscreen and a brand-new tiled interface that allows you to keep up with friends, photos (from your phone and from the cloud), music and videos, games from Xbox Live (including your animated avatar that you can customize right from your phone), Marketplace apps, and business-y stuff like Office easily from your home screen. But the most noticeable thing about the Windows Phone is that this thing looks pretty slick: everything from the background screen to the status update screen is minimal and totally "grown up."

Zune owners will sense some familiarity about the look and feel of the Windows Phone, but if you haven't been introduced, you can check out the demo video of the new handset and get availability details when you



The Windows Phone 7 Series will be available through a variety of different carriers — AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, Sprint — and will be ready to toss in your shopping cart by the time the holiday shopping season picks up at the end of this year.

I have it and love it. Apple is so overrated. It's like a cult. Ridiculous. Microsoft is excellent.
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