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Details on the New AT&T Smartphone and iPad Data Plans

AT&T Makes Big Changes to Data Plans, Adds Tethering

With the iPhone 4 looming in our near future, AT&T has been preparing by making some changes. AT&T has already upped the early termination fee to retain customers, and now it has decided to do away with the unlimited data plan and add tethering to compete with other smartphones on the market that already have that feature.

The interesting part of these changes? The celebrated $30 a month unlimited plan for your iPad will also be affected. New iPad customers (once the price structures go into effect) will also be subject to the new data plans and prices. Find out how everything breaks down after the jump.

The $30 Unlimited Data Plan will be replaced with two new plans: DataPlus and DataPro.

  • $15 a month for 200MB of data, while you'll pay $15 for each additional 200MB over your plan.


  • $25 for 2GB of data, while it will cost you $10 for every 1GB you go over your plan.

iPad users will be subject to these changes as well, but if you're already on a $30 a month unlimited plan (for your iPad or smartphone), AT&T says you are welcome to keep that plan. If you do decide to change plans, you don't have to extend your contract. Bonus — if you sign up, and find that you're going way over the DataPlus plan, you can upgrade to DataPro on the next billing cycle, retroactively, or just prorate the difference.

  • You can add tethering onto a DataPro plan for an extra $20 — that's a total bill of $45 a month for 2GB of data for you and your other devices.

Although I prefer the idea of having an "unlimited" data plan, these new options can be affordable for regular users who aren't streaming a ton of bandwidth-heavy video over their 3G connection and who take advantage of WiFi hotspots where they can (AT&T now has 20,000 of them). Check out the graph on the left to see how 200MB vs. 2GB stacks up. The good news is, AT&T will be sending free text alerts at 65, 90, and 100 percent of your monthly usage allowance so you always know if you're toeing your limit.

New pricing for smartphone voice and data bundles is also being rolled out — packages start at $54.99 for voice and data (400 voice minutes and 200MB of data), while an additional line on a family plan will be $24.99. When does all this take effect? Well on Monday, June 7 of course — the same day Steve Jobs takes the stage for the 2010 WWDC keynote address and is expected to announce the new iPhone 4.

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Baby-Girl Baby-Girl 6 years
What about the text messaging plans? There seriously needs to be something in between 200 and 1500.
Matdredalia Matdredalia 6 years
Alright, teach me to read GS when I'm tired -_- Just realized we get to keep our current plan if we're on it. I apologize for the ridiculous rant above. I wish I could delete my own comments. XD
Matdredalia Matdredalia 6 years
I'm pretty sure I couldn't be any more ticked off if I actually *tried* to be. I signed up for $30 a month for UNLIMITED data. Now I'm being screwed down to $25 for 2G? I can use that in a *day* if I'm stuck away from my computer. I find it disgusting that after being told the 2 year contract included features x, y, and z for price B, I now have even heavier early termination fees, and I have to pay more for a whole lot less. I can not wait until I switch to Verizon.
aniline aniline 6 years
I'm upset by it in theory, but in reality I save $5 a month so I'm happy. I figured I'd keep the $30/unlimited until I looked at my data usage and realized that I've never even come close to using 2GB a month.
Akasha Akasha 6 years
I'm not sure how I feel about this. I like the unlimited thing I don't have to think about it. Maybe if they did roll over on it I might think about it. I'm sure I don't use the whole 2G thing per month, but if it were tethered to my computer that might be a different story. Not to mention if I'm paying $20 more per month to tether I should be getting more G's or MB's with it. The $20 is for what? The privilege of linking me computer to my iPhone.
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