Up Close and Personal With the Nintendo DSi XL

Announced at yesterday's Nintendo Q1 Media Summit, the DSi XL will be heading stateside on March 28 for $190. Although the portable console will play the same games as your DS Lite and DSi, it does come with a few extra goodies for you to enjoy: the XL will come stocked with three games right out of the box — Brain Age Express: Math, Brain Age Express: Arts and Letters, and Photo Clock — along with a camera, WiFi connectivity, and a bigger stylus for easy handling (read: for those of you with arthritis).

The dual screens on the XL are 93 percent larger than those on the DSi, which makes it easier to see the details in your games, but Nintendo thinks it will also make a great ereader. Launching alongside the XL on June 14 will be a game called 100 Classic Books. As the name suggests, this "game" will give you access to 100 different titles from authors like Bram Stroker to read vertically on your console. This may indicate that Nintendo will begin licensing books to sell and download in their DSi Ware shops, which will put Nintendo square in the middle of the ereader game.

There's lots more photos to see, along with a video of the DSi XL, when you


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