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Diana Instant Back+ Attaches to Diana Lomography Camera and Creates Instant Photos Like Polaroid

Missing Polaroids? The Diana Instant Back+ Fills the Gap

It almost seems like there isn't a day that goes by that I don't mention how I miss Polaroid — and for good reason, because it needs to come back and stay! Until those former Polaroid employees hook us up with the new version of the old instamatic, we have the PoGo Instant Digital Camera, or alternatively, if you already have a Diana Lomo camera, you can now get the Instant Back+, which attaches to the Diana.

Attaching the Instant Back+ allows you to have both the sweet, vintagey Diana effect in your instant photos, which makes it not so far away from the original Instamatic.

What price retro? 95 bones. Pretty pricey, considering a Diana camera alone generally costs less than that but I guess it depends on your Polaroid devotion.

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smmrlovee smmrlovee 7 years
Do you have Polaroid cool cam 600 ? (:
LovelyLiLKatie LovelyLiLKatie 8 years
i would love to see a photo that was made from this camera.
girlwparasol girlwparasol 8 years
Shoot! I was hoping I would be told I was wrong, and that the Diana would take another kind of film :( I hope the Impossible Film Project succeeds!
Tech Tech 8 years
Yes, mochick, you can only use Fuji Instax Mini film with this.
girlwparasol girlwparasol 8 years
Don't they still require instant film? I own a Holga, for which there is also an instant-film back available (and it's also insanely expensive), but it requires a form of instant film that polaroid is no longer producing, and it's nearly impossible to locate the right size of film from other manufacturers (since fujifilm manufactures it, but doesn't sell it in the US.) I'm glad I took good care of my Polaroid camera that I asked for as a child for Christmas. The 600 film is easier to track down.
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