I saw a childhood friend at a birthday dinner a few weeks ago, and we got on the topic of how much communication and gadgets have changed since we were teenagers. On top of making us feel old, it evoked memories of our hoary pre-cell phone days. He actually reminded me that, for a brief (but oh so awesome!) time, I carried a beeper (commonly referred to as a "pager" by unhip people and doctors). I can't explain why, except that one day my parents presented it to me as a way to "keep in touch" when I was out with my friends.

I can't imagine having a pager without a cell phone would benefit anyone aside from Stone Age doctors at this point, given payphones are considered vintage artifacts. News to Liz Lemon's pager salesman ex on 30 Rock: Pages are just text messages created without the genius of the QWERTY keypad. I've got nothing to say but 143, I promise.

Photo courtesy NBC