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Did You Have a Friendster Account?

Fresh off of a new redesign, Friendster is on the market and will reportedly be sold for $100 million before the end of the year. The site, which had lost popularity in the US to newcomers MySpace and Facebook, is increasingly popular in Asian countries and is reported to have found a buyer in Asia.

In 2003, I was all about Friendster and may still have an old profile lurking around the site. After a year or so, though, my loyalty was shifted to Facebook, and I haven't thought much about Friendster in years. Did you have an account with Friendster? Do you still? And if so, do you use it?

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alluka alluka 7 years
Nope, never made one (even though my friends from highschool up until college were forcing me to make an account) I used to have Myspace, then I got bored. Now their telling me Facebook is more addiciting, I don't know. It's weird. It seems like some are starting to ignore personal contact with "real" friends or family
Akasha Akasha 7 years
I had one when going to school in Europe where it was popular at the time. I totally forgot about it until I received a birthday notification from it the other day. I guess I really should delete the thing.
KadBunny KadBunny 7 years
Yes I did. *hangs head in shame* It was all the rage in the Philippines. Though, I've pretty much got every person (who matters, sorry :x) in my Facebook now. Hmm I should delete it.
Mediya Mediya 7 years
I had a Friendster account because my friends made me make one. Then when it got old and everybody shifted to Facebook, I deleted my Friendster account. It creeped me out to think that it still existed even when I don't log on. I heard online profiles don't die easily, so I deleted all my photos, friends and posts one by one first before I deleted my account.
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