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Did You Meet Your Significant Other Online?

Online dating used to have such a stigma attached to it, but with more people logging on and looking for love, it's becoming just as common as trolling your local bar for a boyfriend.

In fact, with many dates being preceded by a Googling of his name and a perusal of his Facebook page, the Internet is now inextricable with modern love.

Just look at the amount of dating sites there are, like and eHarmony, plus niche sites that have popped up for flirting, like I'm in Like With You, not to mention the amount of "poking" that goes on on Facebook.

So, in celebration of Engagement Week at Sugar — tell me if you have ever found romance with the click of your mouse!


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blessy blessy 9 years
I am new to this site. It is very interesting site. I don't like dating. Some one are give more attention to dating. They said it is very helpful to make friends. But I did not get any good friends from internet. =================================================== Bless Did you see it? One more time? You won't get faked out here!
lianabambi lianabambi 9 years
i went on a date with a guy i met on myspace once and it was the most terrible experience ever! he said the most immature things i had ever heard in my life! haha i would noT do it again.. but i think meeting online is perfectly fine.. although i'd rather do it the old fashioned way
kiwishe kiwishe 9 years
I've met people from those site, and they were all weirdos! My friends have married guys they've met on match and jdate though.
EmyAnne EmyAnne 9 years
I met my hubby on MySpace! It was totally random, I was not "searching" for a date. It was in 2005 before every single person in the world knew about myspace and how to use it. He lived in Australia, I'm in the U.S..... we started talking on myspace, which eventually led to him calling me on skype (an internet phone service cuz long distance calls are expensive!) and we continued to call each other for about 6 months before we met in person. We had strong feelings for each other before even physically touching/seeing each other. I think it's a great way to really get to know someone's personality and you have to REALLY like each other to be able to talk that much and for that long before even getting to hug! Anyway, he flew here to meet me and my family after lots of phone calls; everything went great. A couple months later i flew to Australia to meet his fam. He proposed to me while I was there and moved here a few months later and a few months after that we were married! Going on 2 years now, yay myspace!
ooashybabeoo ooashybabeoo 9 years
I met my wonderful boyfriend of 2 and a half years through the lovely Myspace world. Yayyy and I couldn't be happier!
thinker thinker 9 years
wow, the picture that accompanies this piece is hilarious!
pinkserendipity pinkserendipity 9 years
Oh yes, I definitely have! A couple of my ex's where stumbled across in AOL chatrooms. One was from Friendster. He was a hottie I couldn't resist. But it turned out he was attending the same college as me. We talked on the phone that very same day and we hit it off. We coordinated our schedules, as our majors were closely related and we had our classes in the same building at about the same time. So we met in person in the hallway. In a couple of days, we went on a date. Everything just naturally flowed right after. We had so many things in common and it felt so natural to be with him. Unfortunately, we ended up separating because at the time we got together, a bf who wanted to take some time off from our relationship wanted me back. Speaking of that bf who wanted time off, I also met him online on AOL. But the thing was that he was buddies with my cousin's bf to begin with. And apparently, we had been introduced to each other before, but the meeting was a kind of a "hello nice to meet you" kind of thing. So nothing impressionable came from that. So talking online helped "open the gates" and we got to know each other on a deeper level than just face value. We lasted for a little over 8 yrs. Currently, I am talking to a guy who found me on Facebook. We graduated from the same college, and cannot believe we have so many things in common. We've been talking on the phone for about 2 wks now. We haven't met yet, but a date is set for the next weekend. So far, things are going great. It's nice to get to really know each other, as it puts more meaning into it. And you get to find out if each person's qualities and interest mesh well from the start as opposed to having to wait until you're further into the relationship. The only thing left now is the in-person-physical first impression, which I'm not worried about. I've seen many of his pictures and vice versa. Something is working.
smart-blonde smart-blonde 9 years
I met him online, and we'll be married for 5 years in July.
amila44 amila44 9 years
I met my fiance on It was a great thing for me as am extremely shy and have a very hard time meeting new people and making new friends. I just knew that I would never meet anyone in the real world and I don't go to bars or clubs or anything like that. It all just depends on your personality and what works for you. This worked great for me. We still took it slow. We talked for a few months before meeting (in a public place). We didn't jump right into a relationship. I can't truly know a person until I meet them in person anyway.
mollydiane mollydiane 9 years
Back when I was in High School (mid 1990s) there was a local chat room in my area. It wasn't even on the internet, really, just a local number you could dail from your term program. I met a lot of good friends on there and the nice thing about it was, since it was all local, you could meet them. It sounds creepy, but it wasn't, this was before the internet got really big and scary, at least according to the media. We had weekly get togethers at a local restaurant and would meet up to just hang out at the mall. I met and dated a number of guys from there. I didn't end up marrying any of them, but that was due more to the fact that I was in my late teens/early twenties than the fact that I met them online. And while I met my husband at work, I don't think our relationship lasted because me met the old fashioned way. I think online dating is just another way to meet people. Like going to a bar, being set up by friends or meeting people at work, it has it's up sides and down sides. You meet good people and bad people in all places. Whatever works for you!
raieven raieven 9 years
I met my husband on a radiohead message board lol. we were friends for like 4 years, met a few times and then one day something happened and we were totally in love! Together 3 years, married for 2 on May 1st. :)
CoconutPie CoconutPie 9 years
Thank you!!!
kythera kythera 9 years
Conga Rats FinnLover!!!!!!!!!! :D
kythera kythera 9 years
JoyJoy, I did the same thing, although I didn't have a pc, I'd go to the local library or a friend's house to chat online. But I chatted on ICQ (remember when that was the big thing?). Sounds like we might have actually met online at one point, as friends of course. Kudos to you for learning your lessons, as I did too. 8)
CoconutPie CoconutPie 9 years
Yes, I did! And we're getting married tomorrow!
kythera kythera 9 years
Hell yeah! I met THEE love of my life on ICQ no less, over 4 years ago. I moved 1700 miles to be with him here in Oklahoma, and in October of 2007 we got married. Life is amazing with him. When I met him online, he didn't sugarcoat who he was and he was very genuine. He let me know what his faults were, and luckily his faults didn't bother me. When we met in person, he was even better than I thought. When you chat online, make sure you become friends first...I stop chatting with idiots when they ask me what my bra size is in the first stages of meeting online. Another thing, don't trust them completely until you talk to their friends or their parents, which I did. People will hide their bad qualities, or worse sometimes. It's hard sometimes to find a guy online that isn't a jerk or a creep. So, don't LOOK for someone, just let things fall into place and TAKE IT SLOW. Never had a relationship that you met onlne? Don't knock it until you try it. And be careful when you do. 8)
eightieslingo eightieslingo 9 years
I met my husband of two years on hot or not dot com! Our success story is on their page!
Oh lol.. yes my boyfriend found me on hi5. He liked my profile and messaged me. Here in Malta it's very common but I wasn't looking for a boyfriend online. Now I'm happy :)
bakinglass bakinglass 9 years
Yes, met online, but we met when the internet was still the virtual machine.
stone_soup stone_soup 9 years
I just don't like the idea of meeting someone so important over the Internet. Seems a little odd to me. Besides, everyone kinda puts on a facade so it's hard to tell who is genuine.
j0j0y j0j0y 9 years
Oops hit "submit" too fast... and we can't edit our comments? I've "dated" people I've "met" online. Those sort of gushy fake relationships when you have when you're like 14 and swear you're in love. I thought a lot of the time that it was serious, too. Again, no regrets since I learned a lot! I was the quiet girl in HS keeping out of all the drama but was secretly just going through all of it online. Weird, huh? Yup, I guess that's all I have to say about that.
j0j0y j0j0y 9 years
Does "meeting" someone mean like... officially meeting them IRL? I've met about a billion people online, ever since I was 12. Most of my best friends I knew exclusively online. Ha, and this was before myspace and facebook. I know it sounds scary, but that's what happens when parents lock their kids in the house (I was barely allowed to go to the mall! I had to ask a week in advance), but then don't monitor what their kids do online. I kept myself out of trouble, only meeting about 3 people IRL. They were all good experiences too (only one was for dating, the others just close friends). Seriously, my experience online has always been perceived as a sort of "internet danger news alert", especially for how young I started. I would never regret a thing though. When changing colleges I technically meet my current boyfriend in an AIM chat (lots of random people going to the college were invited in). I guess that counts <3
okmaebe okmaebe 9 years
I met my fellow on a discussion and media-sharing forum. We were both really skeptical of the idea, and neither of us were looking for a relationship. But our personalities hooked, and we started communicating via phone every day. He was scared to meet me in person for a long time, because he's heavy and self-conscious about it. Thought it would scare me away. After more than a year of phone-calls, I got one that said "I'm ten minutes away," and we've been happily dating ever since. Almost two years now. He's extra nice!
chasingjamie chasingjamie 9 years
yep! i have done so a couple times, and i've had my share of disasters. but i also my current boyfriend online and i couldn't be happier. it's really an excellent way to meet people if you are shy like i am. :)
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