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Digital Detox During Vacation

Digital Detox: Could You Surrender Your Gadgets at Check-In?

Much of our daily lives revolve around a digital connection, but there's a new trend going around the travel and hospitality world: digital detoxing, which gives you rate breaks and other incentives for checking your electronics at the door.

Some hotels are offering up to 15 percent off room rates if you go tech free while others offer to trade your gadgets at check-in for board games or books. TVs are even taken from rooms if you're on a tech break, so you can fully unplug during your vacation.

Gadgets have become a right hand to travelers hoping to sightsee, navigate, and find great things to do while in unfamiliar locations (not to mention document vacations in pictures), so while I think a digital detox is a great idea for relaxation, I'm not sure how practical it is for most travelers. Could you check your gadgets at the front desk and vacation tech free?

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merricontrari merricontrari 5 years
I wouldn't want to leave them with the management of the hotel. It'd be way to easy for them to steal them or tamper with them. (I've had hotel employees steal our credit card number and run with it, so I have no trust in them at all.) However, yes, I totally could unplug. I'm not a pathetic addict like so many other people are. I don't need to text while I'm looking at the Lincoln Memorial. I agree with thecolor about the map issue - not wanting to look like a tourist. But Husband and I are pretty okay with "just exploring" if we get lost, and pretty good at having a good idea of where we are and where we want to go, so I honestly wouldn't be very worried about not having a GPS. So, as long as I can have my camera, I'm totally cool with a no-tech holiday. :)
thecolor thecolor 5 years
My two biggest concerns with this are: 1. object security: leaving expensive items with an unknown person/service 2. personal security: when I'm away I DON'T want to look like a tourist as I feel like I'm an easier target. Having my smart device(s) enables me to appear more like a local and be hassled or taken advantage of less. (knowing where I am at all times, where I want to go, etc. etc.) I always pre-scout out my destinations and if I take a physical map with me (over GPS and or an every day common device that every local has too), I never pull it out in public. So while it's not so much a tech draw or Digital Detox (as I think I can curb that ok with will power); ;) those two types of security are more important to me.
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