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Digital Drug i-Dosing in Teens

Are These "Digital Drugs" For Real?

The latest craze sweeping scores of high school students happily plugged into their iPods and other MP3 players: i-dosing, which is, on its most basic level, a digital high. I'm not talking about your run-of-the-mill Facebook or Twitter addiction either; i-dosing involves listening to an MP3 track that sounds more like a loud, annoying droning noise than a digital music file. Sites that support the "drugs" promise you'll experience a drug-like high, even going so far as to compare different tracks to different types of drugs. "Users" of the MP3s are encouraged to purchase a 40-page instruction manual detailing how to experience a proper high.

One free track available on YouTube instructs listeners to lay down with a cover over their eyes to experience maximum results. Some may say this activity is no big deal, but learn why parents are taking this matter seriously after the break.

While this seems relatively harmless to me, one Oklahoma school district is taking it much more seriously, issuing warnings to parents and banning iPods in school. (Were kids actually allowed to have iPods in school? I had my Discman taken away at least five times in high school.) The MP3s can be considered drugs since the frequencies can allegedly alter the listener's brainwaves. So is this something to be concerned about or is it just typical adult overreaction?

missprovencio missprovencio 7 years
this has actually been going on for years and it really does work.
xgreenfairyx xgreenfairyx 7 years
Bwahaha, what a joke. As soon as ANYTHING has even the *slightest* hint that 'it gets you high', parents become fanatical and then schools ban it. This pretty much establishes that common sense is lost on modern society. IT'S A GIMMICK. Kids....if you really want to get high, then you'll just have to risk getting caught by the police and do it properly; don't snort glue, huff paint or listen to this crap. Geez.
Ghostgirl Ghostgirl 7 years
Oh my god this is hilarious. I've never heard of it before. Also, I was only allowed to have my Discman in art class. I had to hide it for every other class. ;D
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