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Digital Life

Geek Out: How Has Tech Affected Your Life?

For better or worse, technology definitely has an impact on our lives. Take this spot-on quote from one tech-addicted comic book designer, for example:

How tech has affected me: I was very puzzled when I looked at the top of the book I was reading and couldn't find the current time.

Although tech has made it easier to operate in many ways, sometimes it can be a double-edged sword. These days, there's no need to remember phone numbers, addresses, or directions, thanks to the contact lists and maps stored in our smartphones. Your turn — how has technology affected your life?

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Kristen-Hawley Kristen-Hawley 6 years
Thanks to my iPhone, any time I want to scroll to the top of a webpage on my computer, I double-tap the top of the screen. Sadly, no Apple touchscreens yet!
jeniferv jeniferv 6 years
We all grow up with new types of technology. For me... it was the widespread adoption of the internet and mobile phone use. Yes... I'm a Gen Yer! I think most of my generation has embraced these technologies, but since I'm a geeksugar kinda girl... I'd say I've embraced it a bit more. Technology has become my career and lifestyle. It has affected everything from my perspective on relationships, philosophy, and self motivation. :D I love technology! I kept a diary since I was 10 years old and one thing I found is that I grew older... growing up with computers... I type much faster then I can write. I'm actually a bit scornful at my elementary school teachers for making me learn cursive!!! What a waste! I'm trying to embrace a more 'cloud' lifestyle... streaming and hosting data. I think the biggest shift in my personal life is that I'm not materialistic... I don't put much weight into buying or collecting physical things... but digital... oh boy! I'm a digital girl in a digital world!
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