The rumored Christian Dior phones? Well, they actually exist and will be officially announced today. The company is hoping to tap into new markets in China and Russia, much like Prada and Dolce & Gabbana, its competitors in luxury goods, and those who have already succeeded in the mobile phone industry. The "Dior phones" will be manufactured by ModeLabs and are said to cost around . . . $5,000 each.

I don't see any gold or diamonds adorning the phone, so why the big price tag? The phone is said to include a "mini phone" labeled "My Dior," which is about the size of a USB stick. Basically it's for ridiculously rich women ('cause those are the only people who will be able to afford this phone) who don't want to search through their purses for their phones. They can just answer the tiny one that's clipped on their bag (basically paired via Bluetooth with the main phone). Neat concept, but not worth the hefty price.