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Disable Google+ Instant Upload

How to Disable Google+ Instant Upload

Imagine my surprise (near heart attack) when signing into Google+ this morning to see a notification that a photo I took the night before had automatically been uploaded to my account. But, I hadn't intended to upload that embarrassing photo of how my new Summer dress looks with Harry Potter 3D glasses as an accessory!

As we learned previously, the default Google+ application settings on an Android phone will automatically upload new photos and videos to a Google+ album. There's no need to panic, though, as the photos and the album itself will remain private until you sign into Google+ and specify which images you want to share with select circles. Still, some users may, understandably, not want all of their photos anywhere near a social network. Learn how to disable the auto-upload feature after the break.

To disable automatic upload from the Google+ Android app, select "Settings" within the "Menu" screen and uncheck "Instant Upload." Now you have control of which mobile photos make it to your private Google+ album.

The Instant Upload settings allows for further customization, including uploading all existing photos on your phone, uploading only when connected to a WiFi network (good for those with capped data plans), and uploading only when the phone is charging.

Joe15288911 Joe15288911 3 years
This was extremely helpfull, I use my phone for work and do not need all my pics posted on my personal acct
slash2000 slash2000 5 years
wow, amlucent...last i checked, this wasn't a sounding board for making others feel inferior. ease up. if you'd like to help, try using a bit of tact. if you're not able, just refrain from responding. thanks....from all of us.
amlucent amlucent 6 years
This is absolutely ridiculous of course.. One more article that is pure FUD. When you install the G+ app it clearly asks you if you would like the instant upload feature. It is checked by default and if you dont uncheck it then it is enabled. But none the less this is still by definition an opt in feature.. try to slow down and actually read the questions it asks you when you are configuring any app for the first time.
jroberts920 jroberts920 6 years
I also have an HTC EVO, and no, there was NO option to turn on Instant Upload when I installed the app. I just removed and reinstalled it to be sure.
JoeyZ JoeyZ 6 years
I am hearing about this a lot, but on my Android (EVO) I could swear I was given the option to turn that on when I installed and ran the G+ app for the first time. I do know that I at least READ what it was going to do and also jumped at first, but when I saw it was to a private folder, I ok'd it. Are you sure you didn't okay it to perform the instant uploads to a private folder? I'm gong to reinstall mine and see if it offers me the option like I think it did before. What model of phone are you using?
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