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Disney Princesses as Star Wars Characters

An Artist Combined Disney Characters and Star Wars to Create an Amazing Mashup

Disney Princesses as Star Wars Characters
Image Source: Isaiah Stephens

While it may not be the first time we've seen Disney princesses and Star Wars mixed together, artist Isaiah Stephens may have created the best combination so far. Stephens originally illustrated these images for Zimbio, taking some of our favorite characters like Yoda and younglings and finding the perfect swaps for them.

It's not Stephens's first time tinkering around with fun combinations, as he's already imagined '90s cartoons grown up and Disney princesses as superheroes. But these are perfect for Star Wars fans, especially when you see Pocahontas, Mulan, Tiana, and Aurora as Stormtroopers. Look ahead and see just how amazing these illustrations are.

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