Just when you thought YouTube was the end all and be all. Ever since Disney re-vamped its website, the site has been getting 25 million unique users a month, 100 million videos shown a week and 1 billion pages served every thirty days. Just in case you're not a computer geek, that's a LOT of traffic.
This year long makeover project, led by Bob Iger, includes five key principles: community, remixing content, user-generated content, online video, and story-driven experiences. Why so popular you ask? Ars technica explains that "the company has an enviable archive of characters and content to draw on, much of which is long tail material that is no longer viable at retail. The brand is trusted by parents and kids alike and is known for offering clean content that parents don't need to monitor." That calls for a - hey Mickey you're so fine you're so fine you blow my mind, hey Mickey!