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Do I Need a Hard Case For My MacBook Pro?

Ask a Geek Girl: Do I Need a Shell For My MacBook Pro?

Reader kirikiri recently asked this question in the GeekSugar Community:

"I just got a new MacBook Pro - do I really need to buy a plastic protective case for the shell?"

While I love these colorful SeeThru cases by Speck ($50), they aren't essential for protecting your new MacBook. However, they may offer some limited protection against spills, scrapes, and scratches, and they come in a variety of bright colors.

If you travel with your computer often, a shell may be a good idea for quickly sliding it in and out of your bag, but many laptop sleeves offer similar protection. Alternatively, you can carry your computer in a laptop bag that offers enough protection to keep it safe.

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stickytheturtle stickytheturtle 7 years
The aluminum MacBooks scratch up easily and the scratches cannot be gotten rid of! I bought a Speck cover for mine and i haven't been happier. I also find them very slippery without one..hard to keep it on my lap.. =)
esmerb esmerb 7 years
I think shells make it cuter and safer!
Akasha Akasha 7 years
The first thing I do when I purchase a new laptop is put a shell on it. I like the velvety feeling ones better than the clear plastic ones as the clear plastic ones aren't as tight and dirt gets underneath that scratches the computer casing. The velvety feeling ones also kind of have a bit of a bounce to them. They kind of feel like my iPhone case. Not that I would recommend dropping your computer just because you have one on, but little bumps don't bruise with it on.
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