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Do Screen Savers Really Save Your Screen?

The Truth About Screen Savers
I remember when I started in school and how I felt it was essential to have a 'pimped' out laptop. I would spend waay too many hours downloading screensavers and random wallpapers. Remember when the aquarium screensaver came out? Every office in North America was sporting the fish screensaver look for awhile. Screen savers are definitely aesthetically appealing creations in the computer world, but do they actually aid in saving our screens?

To find out the truth about Screen Savers and to learn how to protect your screen,

Years ago, monochrome monitors (on old school computers) were quite susceptible to a phenomenon known as burn-in or phosphor burn. When an image was shown on the monitor for a long time, like your main windows page, it would burn into the screen as a transparent image. Some color monitors still have this problem but only if the image has been on the screen for a super long time, which is something that just doesn't happen in most applications.

How To Protect Your Screen
In order to protect your screen, you should try to use it blank. The standby feature of PCs makes it easy to save your screen and keep your hydro bill down!
Some screen savers won't even help with burn-in because they have graphic elements that never move. If the screen saver doesn't have constantly moving images or graphics, it is just as bad as having a stagnant default screen.


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