One of my oldest friend's husband has been back and forth to Iraq and Afghanistan with the Marine Corps for over two years. They have been using MySpace, Facebook, and a family blog to keep him abreast of what goes on at home, and let him chime in about what his days are like overseas. Although no top-secret information has ever been exchanged, a new Marine Corps order, which goes into effect immediately, bans him from using any social networking site.

According to the order, the use of social networking sites puts operational and communications security at risk when viruses and trojans are passed online from user to user, and the Marine Corps feels that sites like Facebook and Twitter are the breeding ground for these viruses.

Although I may have a personal stake in this matter — it's now harder for one of my best friends to get in touch with her husband — I can kinda see where the Marine Corps is coming from. Viruses can attack from anywhere, and you won't see them coming on any radar, especially if the user doesn't know the signs. But what about you — do you agree with the Marine Corps' ban on social networking? I honestly thought it would have more do with security issues than a computer virus.