Whenever hot new products are announced (especially with Apple) we all get really excited and worked into a tizzy. Case in point: the iPhone launch. You most likely forked over your cash before the launch to get your dream gadget preordered, making sure it was in your hot little hands the first day. But the problem with version 1.0 anything is that it's almost guaranteed to be buggy and not have all the features you want, and it's likely to die early.

So if we all know the risk that our beloved gadget won't be all it's cracked up to be, then why do we rush out and snatch them up on day one? One of my pals has patiently waited — well, more like a lion patiently stalking its prey – for the second release of the iPhone, thinking that 3G, a better camera, and streaming video will all be worth the wait. So with the iPhone V 2.0 launching soon, tell me, do you buy first-round gadgets or wait for a second release?