Yuuuuck is what I say to my iPhone screen every few days, at the buildup of fingerprints and smudges (that slick glass is illuminating for how much makeup comes off on your cell phones). I wipe it, buff it, and occasionally take a damp cloth to it, thinking about the germs.

But that's not all. You want to talk gross? Anyone else got a keyboard whose keys used to be pristine white? Yeah, not so much anymore (check out my tips for how to get it clean again). And thinking about sneezing and coughing in cold season while putting my hand that was politely covering my own mouth back onto my mouse and I get the automatic heeby jeebies. One large canister of wipes, please!

I've got to wipe and clean my gadgets regularly, otherwise my imagination runs wild with images of nasty little animated germs on the items I put to my face and in my hands. Writing this, I'm compelled to reach for another wipe as well!

What about you? Do you clean your gadgets regularly, or am I just a clean freak?