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Do You Enjoy TV or Internet Breaks?

Geek Out: Do You Enjoy Cable and Internet Breaks?

Last week, the cable TV and Internet in my apartment went out. They come on intermittently here and there, but for the most part, I'm stuck until the cable guy comes to fix the problem tomorrow morning. So, for nearly one full week, I've been without cable TV and Internet access at home. I'm lucky enough to live in a city where corner coffee shops and restaurants have ample (and free) wireless access, so if I really need an Internet fix, I can head down the street for access. And the DVD player works fine, so I can watch DVDs of movies and shows without any trouble.

When I tell people that I've been living the disconnected life for almost a week, they're understandably surprised. I'm an obvious fan of staying connected wherever I go, but I have to admit, the small break has been a bit refreshing — and apparently it's good for my health, too. Have you ever taken a TV or Internet break — forced or self-imposed? Do you enjoy it or do you see it as a hassle?

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Frenched Frenched 7 years
Whenever I happen to not have access to the Internet or cable TV, I actually feel a bit relieved. It's VERY refreshing to know that you are not connected and you have the opportunity to do something else with your time. It's a little thing that can really alter your perception and change your mood. Once you get your access back, you come back refreshed.
bsanf3 bsanf3 7 years
Losing my DirecTV for a short time wouldn't kill me, I have PLENTY of things to watch/do without it. No internet (or power) is a bigger problem, my smart house gets a little dumber..
RoaringSilence RoaringSilence 7 years
To be entirely honest.. the thing I like the most about taking an internet break (I don't have cable) is coming back and seeing all the new notifications and emails and stuff on my RSS feed xD
WarEagleNurse WarEagleNurse 7 years
daniit daniit 7 years
My computer was in really bad shape so to back it up and format it took five days... I had to give up some hours of computer time but I spent at least half an hour everyday in my dad's computer and checked my email in my iTouch so I wasn't completely disconnected but it still felt really great to do other stuff instead.
weffie weffie 7 years
I don't mind at home since there are lots of other things to do, but when our network in the office goes down I'm rendered useless and it gets really boring!
AlisonMcg67 AlisonMcg67 7 years
I do not have cable, it was too expensive to watch ten channels. With streaming Netflix and a three hundred plus DVD collection, I do not miss it. Luckily, I have a Library less than a hundred feet from my place that leaves its wireless on all night. it is weaker than my DSL due to distance, but usable.
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