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Do You Erase Old Profiles?

Do You Keep Old Profiles Online?

Nothing to hide here: from time to time I like to Google myself, just to see what comes up. After all, you never know who's going to search for you from a potential boss to a potential date. Even Kristen Stewart admits to self-Googling, as do a few other celebs.

This time, though, I came across one of my outdated social networking profiles that I'd last looked at in 2005. Until now, I'd completely forgotten about it, but there it was, online for everyone to see! I quickly deleted the, um, evidence and then did a quick search to find any remaining profiles I may have forgotten about.

If you decide to stop using a site, do you actively delete your profile? Or do you just stop using it and hope it sort of disappears into the abyss?

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gigilgirl gigilgirl 7 years
I dont want any of my personal stuff online so if I don't use them, I DELETE THEM ALL!
PinkNC PinkNC 7 years
I don't sign up to many websites. I'm a member of two and that's good enough for me.
cheekyredhead cheekyredhead 7 years
Another problem many do not even consider is this: Often really old profiles made & then long forgotten were created on shared computers. This also means those who shared that computer may have had access to your ancient profiles... and you may have not checked it in a long time BUT when you do--you may find someone has posted a whole lot of cr@p on that ancient profile and it may not be a very nice representation of you or some people you know. Good luck trying to delete it. They probably changed your password.
cheekyredhead cheekyredhead 7 years
I do this myself ever so often after discovering someone had been stealing my content and passing it off as theirs. The first time I googled myself I was astonished to find how many people had bookmarked me and even moved many of my stories into sites I had never known of. In a way that was a huge compliment because they kept my name on it. The bummer was that "how" they did it, I was not getting ping-backs which is really helpful when you are branding a "name" for content. Still...nice to see how much people loved my work and then shared it. I have caught people actually selling my content as if it were theirs. This is horrific. You end up feeling abused and traumatized. It is sort of like getting your dairy stolen and someone benefits from selling it. Another side effect is that when you send someone your portfolio and they run a check to see if your work is indeed your own---it then is flagged because someone has stolen it. A odd thing though also discovered...a porno star and a lady "all about yarn" had taken a liking to my alias.
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