Sorry Netflix discs: when the weather's nice, it's just hard to sit down and watch a movie.

Even though I'm having fun, my poor discs are left languishing — and whereas I used to just let the discs lie around unwatched, now I have started sending the unwatched discs back. Rather than rack up entertainment debt, I just resign myself to seeing the movie at another, more convenient time, so I can get something more compelling to watch. Of course, sometimes I also realize that I've put a movie on my queue I was never really interested in to begin with, and have no hesitation to send it back.

Hey, a girl's got to get her money's worth. And now that discs are being processed on Saturdays, it's even more worth it.

Tell me, what do you do with Netflix or Blockbuster discs you don't watch? Do you keep them till you watch them, or impatiently send them back like me?