I know that commercials are unavoidable — if they don't get ya in the product placement of your shows, then you're a captive audience in the movie theater. One place I no longer watch commercials on is the TV — thanks to TiVo! I buzz through everything, including boring parts on the shows themselves (Adult ADD: I'm looking into it).

I assume that's what everyone else does too, which is why it's interesting that TiVo is being used by the ad agency Starcom to see what commercials people are watching. Even though I insist that I don't watch any, I guess I might stop every once in a while for an ad spot that looks really goofy (or has my favorite new song in it, courtesy of Apple).

What about you, since so many of you TiVo or use DVRs — do you brake for certain commercials (and what kind if you do?), or do you fast forward through everything?