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We've discussed Update Envy — the condition in which you experience great jealousy when a friend gets an updated version of a gadget you have, like if a friend got the iPhone 3G before you, and you were left with your sad old first generation iPhone.

But do you ever experience Refresh Rage? This is when a tech company (I'm looking at you, Apple) refreshes a product you've just bought, and your purchase is so recent that you wouldn't dream of replacing it, but it ticks you off that there's already a new version. Yes, I'm referring to the rumor that Apple might be coming out with a 32 GB iPhone 3G sometime soon.

While it's altogether silly to be mad - your gadget is by no means obsolete, it's just not the newest version of it - I totally admit that I will be beyond irritated if the 32 GB iPhone premieres and my shiny, still new-to-me phone is not the hottest newest gadget on the street. Petty? Yes. Understandable? I think so. Tell me you don't get annoyed if you buy a new product, just for the company to come out with a bigger and better product the next day!


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