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Do You Still Have a Lame Password?

So remember how last year I told you about the top ten most used and abused passwords? Well, apparently some of you weren't paying attention, cause the list is just as lame (and essentially the same) this year! When I read USA Today's report, I had to chuckle. "Abc123," really? "Password," are you kidding — have you not learned a thing?

All joking aside, someone could do some major damage to your personal records if they just so happen to figure out that your password is "qwerty" (like it's hard) and you use it for everything from online banking, to your Myspace log in, email, and online credit card accounts. You don't have to tell me what it is, but admit it: you still have a lame password. Any savvy geek should have a pretty complicated password for Joe Schmo to figure out so he doesn't go on a buying rampage and take that trip to Fiji you've always dreamed of. . . on your dollar!


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