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Do You Have More Than One Cell Phone?

It always amazes me at how many gadgets women can stuff in their purses (I'm just as guilty as the next person). But, what shocks me even more is how many people have more than one cell phone! Right now, I just have one on the go, but I have lots of friends who have a cell phone for work and one for personal use. And then there are those who have two different handsets — one for going out or everyday use — that they regularly swap their SIM card between.

Now most of you said you have more than one camera, so do you have more than one cell phone (that are in use) as well? And if you do use two or more, do you actually keep them on you?

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G15429986 G15429986 3 years
I have three. One for everyday use Another for going out And the last for anyone in the entertainment industry (Also a aspiring model)
cg130 cg130 8 years
I only have one, but one of my friends has two - one for regular use, and one for modeling contacts (she's an aspiring model).
redfiretruck redfiretruck 8 years
I don't think I could handle more than one- plus, I love the idea of having everything I need phone-wise with me at all times.
mocona mocona 8 years
I have 2 (TWO) phone. One is a GSM, one is a CDMA phone. Why? because CDMA network is cheaper in Indonesia, but not reliable. GSM is more reliable, but it's expensive. I've thought to combine both phone, but they are working almost flawlessly now. So I'm waiting until at least one of them is broken. @twellve: There's a lot chinese phone in here (Indonesia) that can work with two SIM Cards. GSM-CDMA and GSM-GSM. the phones get better and better all the time.
twellve twellve 8 years
back in 2003, i was teaching business English in the Czech Republic and some of my students had [Nokia] phones that could take 2 SIM cards simultaneously. they could make and receive calls for two different numbers on the same phone, one for work, one for personal use (not sure if they could operate on different service providers however). absolutely brilliant. i don't know why cell phone manufacturers aren't doing more of this.
Nsh Nsh 8 years
I have two cells too - one from the giant network, and one from a network that offers unlimited texting and calling for like, next to nothing a month. That's what people hereabouts do. I've encountered some people that have *three* cells.
midori0e midori0e 8 years
one for data transmission and one for talking to my parents mostly they call more then anyone else lol
kedawen kedawen 8 years
Yep, one for work and one personal. AND my iPod Touch. They all hang out in my purse. :) It can be a bit much to keep track of, but I'm pretty good at not losing gadgets... *knocks on wood*
mek123 mek123 8 years
I used to have two, one personal and one work, it was a pain to carry two but then I could turn off the work one. Now I just have my iPhone (and only a few work people have the number).
devils devils 8 years
I only use one, a BB Pearl. I have a Razr & a SE w580i. The other 2 work fine and I keep them as backups in case something happens and my Pearl won't function anymore. But I don't carry them around with me unless I am traveling (again in case something happens to my BB).
sontaikle sontaikle 8 years
I know people who have work-issued phones and personal phones, but I'm still a college student, so I only have one phone :)
darqbella darqbella 8 years
i swap between a bold and an iphone at the moment but am thinking of just sticking to the bb
lifeisfabu19 lifeisfabu19 8 years
more than one cell eek! I'll go crazy!
cocomademoiselle cocomademoiselle 8 years
For years I have had one cell phone, and now I have two, the second one was a gift. Each one has a different mobile network operator which is great for lowering costs. I carry them everywhere and it's OK since I always carry a purse, bag, etc.. One is 5 years old, yes five! (Sony Ericsson K500i) I love it for being still working) and the other one is 2 months old (Sony Ericsson W890i), I love it for its features: music, nice camera, looks... I only pay what I spend in calls, Internet,... no contracts. Sometimes it happens that both of them ring at the same time... That's the only disadvantage for me :)
LilSunshine202 LilSunshine202 8 years
I have a Blackberry for work and another Blackberry for my personal use. I have thought about combining the 2, but I like being able to turn leave my work phone behind during my off time.
mandaleebee mandaleebee 8 years
I have a personal cell and a work cell. It used to be hard to keep up with my 2nd cell, but then I got upgraded to an Iphone and I keep it on me ALL the time! I'm obsessed :)
unscripted unscripted 8 years
i have 2 phones -- one is provide by my employer and the other is for personal use. i don't think it's a big deal to carry 2 phones because i would never text or email anything too personal/incriminating on my work phone, since the company can technically read all of my messages if they wanted. it's considered company property since they pay the bill.
princessangry princessangry 8 years
I used to have two. I went to Trinity College, Dublin, but I went home to Northern Ireland every weekend. My friends from home texted my northern phone (as they would be charged for a standard text and I wasn't charged to receive it) and I replied via my southern phone. I used my southern mobile to stay in touch with my uni friends and to phone home or text my parents (who called me back on my southern phone - thus avoiding me getting charged to receive the call). I carried both phones at all times. I would often be found with a phone in each hand - reading the message on one and replying with the other :)
teegaall teegaall 8 years
I was at the gym today and one of the guys I was playing ball with had two phones on his bag.
niicoley niicoley 8 years
I don't think I could handle owning more than one cell phone....I can hardly keep mine in a decent condition. I could only imagine me with two!
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