I can't deny the fact that I'm constantly on my BlackBerry- whether I'm returning a missed call, listening to my voicemail or sending a text message, I am always connected in some way, shape or form. Although I'm guilty of being glued to my phone 24/7, I can recognize that there is a time and place for cell phone use and know when to turn my phone off. According to CNN, Pew Research conducted a poll last year, which found that 81 percent of people were irritated by loud and annoying cell phones in public places. The poll also revealed that a quarter of respondents would answer their phone even if it interrupted a meal or meeting. And it was no surprise that a 2006 ABC News poll indicated that three-quarters of those surveyed had observed someone using a phone or e-mailing and text messaging in mid-conversation. Time to fess up! Where do you fall in these statistics? Do you practice tech manners when out in public?