I freak out when a new color of a gadget gets here, because it's just totally fun to see a familiar object rendered in a cool new hue — like the metallic silver option for the Nintendo DS that you can now get in the US!

I like having the option of getting to pick the color when I'm make the purchase later. I take it so seriously, like the one time I had a car and got to choose what color would be driving me around. It's an extension of your accessories and the gadget itself (it's no doubt why custom Colorware is popular).

On the other hand, there's a conservative part of me that likes basic-colored gadgets, that I can then use cases to temporarily change the color of the exterior. I'm a fashion lover, after all, so I like the variety and to be able to change it up with my outfits! For example, if the iPhone came out in red, I'd pass, choosing instead to sheath mine in pretty colored sleeves and cases.

But what about you — do you like getting a gadget in a different color, or do you like just changing its case for your color fix?