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Do You Read Instructions? 2010-10-14 14:45:59

Geek Out: Do You Read Instructions?

Mail time is an exciting time of day at Sugar HQ — there are few things more exciting than receiving a new gadget to test. It's like Christmas! So naturally, the first thing we do upon receiving a new package is tear into it, open the box, and check out the goodies inside. One thing I'm guilty of skipping? Reading the instructions.

The practice started when I was a kid — I was the annoying girl making up her own rules to the game, trying to figure out how to put a new toy together or frustratingly throwing a new purchase down in a huff when I couldn't make it work. So when a new gadget arrives, even one that could be particularly confusing, I rarely read the instructions.

Of course there's the assumed risk of something breaking, working improperly, or just not being used to its full potential since I skip the required reading . . . Is anyone else out there the same way?

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bsanf3 bsanf3 6 years
I generally skim the manual
leeluvfashion leeluvfashion 6 years
Always. Better to be aware of the gizmo's button functions than to spend the next 30 minutes frustrated because some button was pressed that messed up the process of install. I feel better knowing I read the pamphlet and I always double, triple check the instructions before each step. Safe than sorry.
Elfyn Elfyn 6 years
I always read the instructions for every new gadget no matter how simple. It is part of my "unboxing ritual". I carefully open the packaging and look at everything that came in the box including the instructions before using the new gadget. I savor everything and it sort of makes that "I got a new gadget feeling" last longer. ;)
kaykayelle kaykayelle 6 years
Generally, I don't read them. It's not that I won't, but most things I am doing or putting together are not that complicated. I installed a new printer this weekend. Only read the instructions as to when to set up the wifi, as in before if you install the printer on the computers or after you set up the wifi connection - which I pretty much knew the answer to anyway. It's really satisfying to put something together all by yourself and not needing the help.
Zaianne Zaianne 6 years
I'm like that! I tend to skip the instructions and just dive in. My husband is the complete opposite. He will read everything!
marycherry marycherry 6 years
I almost never read the instructions. I think part of the excitement is figuring out how something works, on my own. I must however admit that that approach has not always proven to me succesful... I broke my internet router this weekend and have an unused camera laying around...simply because I don't really know how they work. Kinda stupid, if you think about...
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