OMG! Did You Play Girl Talk and Dream Phone?

You might be used to playing games on your cell phones, but do you remember these phone-inspired board games from your childhood? I'm not positive how the topic came up, but a little while ago one of my co-workers asked me, "Do you remember the game Girl Talk: Date Line where you had to call up dates on the phone?" I had a vague recollection of sitting around the game board at a childhood sleepover giggling away, but couldn't remember many other details. One quick Google search later, I remembered that my favorite board game wasn't Girl Talk, but Dream Phone!"

In both games, players used a cell phone-like device to call potential dates. I couldn't stop laughing as I pictured my 11-year-old self playing with the clunky, pink plastic phone, completely unaware that just over a decade later I'd be the owner of an actual working phone a fraction of its size — not to mention the number of 11-year-old girls today that carry around the same phone as I do now!

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Source: BoardGameGeek

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