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Do You Share Your Home Computer With Your Significant Other?

Do You Share Your Home Computer?

PC means personal computer, and most people I know do have their own personal computer. In fact, it's a rarity if a household doesn't have at least one computer these days. But personally, having the job that I have, and with my boyfriend also having a geeky job, I couldn't imagine us having to share a household computer. We each need our own machine, and can be found many nights sitting on the couch, laptops in front of each of us.

Among my friends though, we're the exception — the other couples we chill with share a computer, and what's more, seem fine with it (joint gadget purchasers, they are). I haven't heard a complaint out of anyone that one person hogs it more than the other, which would so not be the case if my boyfriend and I had only one computer.

But that's us, and I realize that financial ability and job necessity are what makes things the way they are, and am sure I could make do if our situation was different.

But tell me — do you share your home computer with your significant other, family members, or roommate?


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