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Do You Spend Money on Virtual Goods on Facebook or in Games?

Have You Spent Money on Virtual Goods?

I recently read an article about the increase in spending on virtual goods and gifts. According to the piece, analysts estimate that this kind of virtual spending could bring in $1 billion this year in the US alone — and nearly $5 billion worldwide.

From Facebook apps like the popular FarmVille — which allows players to run their own virtual farms — to competitive games like Sorority Life — where players have to dress a group of college sorority sisters to compete with rival sororities — the article explains that players are likely to buy items to improve their performance in the game or to build up a collection of goods that will impress friends.

I love sending free virtual goodies to friends on their birthdays or for other special events, but I'm not sure how much cash I would regularly drop on intangible items. What do you think? Do you spend money on virtual gifts or other goods?

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scullylam scullylam 7 years
i too have purchased gaia cash for gaia online. i really love that site and how i see it, whatever i pay for, even if it is virtual, i am helping that site and those people that work there. just love them all to death. <3 with facebook, i refuse to look at all those apps and what not. i really see it as pointless and not fun. really, why bother playing there when i can get a better experience on gaia online. more interaction wins.
BuffBabe6108 BuffBabe6108 7 years
I would consider myself to be slightly obsessed with Farmville, and I would not even consider paying real money for it.
cherrypie61 cherrypie61 7 years
I just did that. Bought Brownie points for Sorority Life and at first I felt bery bad 'cos by buying stuff I took the fun out of the game. Like I didn't have to make any effort to get those goodies u know, but after a couple of days feeling ridiculous cheater I got over it and now I think of it as a mony spent on fun. Like when u you go to casinos and pay for one hour of fun even if you don't win anything.
caroline_1 caroline_1 7 years
no.. and i dont foresee it happening in the future either.. but if you do, more power to you
aniline aniline 7 years
I paid for Fluff(friends) gold on Facebook. I haven't regretted it, my friends are still pretty active on there and I bought them some cute virtual pets as gifts that they still play with all the time.
Matdredalia Matdredalia 7 years
I wouldn't spend money on Facebook gifts, I think they're kind of ridiculous. I *might* buy Farm Cash, but it's highly doubtful. I have, however, spent a fair share of cash on Gaia Cash at Gaia Online, for items that i dress my avatar up with. I have a theory that for every dollar I spend, I should get one hour of enjoyment out of whatever it is I'm buying, whether it be digital goods, like the new pets in World of WarCraft, or an XBox Game. I have gotten far more than my moneys worth on Gaia, and I'm more than happy to support something that has given me so much. I've also bought a tiny bit of NeoCash on Neopets. Again, that's a site that has given me literally thousands of hours of entertainment and I'm more than happy to support it.
mek123 mek123 7 years
Nope, waste of money to PAY for a virtual product.
Sammi_784 Sammi_784 7 years
Thanks dexaholic. In that case, no, I haven't paid for virtual goods.
Frenched Frenched 7 years
I've occasionally paid for virtual goods and let me point out that I DO NOT recommend it. It's truly just a waste of money. Gotta learn the hard way, I guess.
skigurl skigurl 7 years
i always wondered who would pay facebook for those gifts!! no i haven't!
dexaholic dexaholic 7 years
No, nor would I ever! Sammi, I don't think apps count.
runningesq runningesq 7 years
who on EARTH would pay for a virtual teddy bear? what a waste of money !
Sammi_784 Sammi_784 7 years
Do phone applications/software downloads count?
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