It used to be, you got your film rolls developed (and what came out was what you shot, no choosing what to print beforehand), and put your faves into your photo albums or frames. Then you kept them around, pulling them out when you wanted to reminisce over the plastic and paper pages filled with photographs.

Now, our photo-lives are completely different; we pick and choose which digital shots to keep and print, and are often more selective about printing because we know we can always access the photos electronically. Things do still get framed — but we have to decide, regular or digital frames.

And it seems to me that one old staple - the physical photo albums - have fallen by the wayside. Sure, you've got your Picasa and flickr "albums" online, but do you still pull out that old binder, and stick your photos inside? I sure don't, sadly, though I do still keep my childhood and school albums around.

What about you? Do you still keep physical albums, and if so, are you still making new ones?