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Do You Suffer From Video Game Burn Out?

As I was tidying my DVD and video game library in my bookcase at home the other day, I kept seeing game titles I haven't played in forever. "Ohhh, let's play Jeopardy! Tetris! DDR!" I squealed. My renewed interest is totally due to the fact that I burned out on all these games approximately two weeks or so after buying them — which makes me fearful for my upcoming personal Wii Fitness challenge, a little.

Wii games usually stay perennially fun because even if you're bored of them, guests will come over and get you back into it. But even with my favorite games, I eventually tire of them, especially hot ones that I get and play the hell out of at the beginning. I liken it to watching the same movie over and over again. Burn out is only natural, right? What about you? Is this your occasional affliction too?

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nanababy nanababy 9 years
some games can get a bit too addictive, and then BAM, youre tired and they become repeptive.
colormesticky colormesticky 9 years
kiwitwist kiwitwist 9 years
I am with ALSW!
kahribar kahribar 9 years
My kids have never really been into the whole video game thing. We have gotten everything except for the Wii and for now I won't because after less than a month, they cannot be bothered with them. They are def more outdoor oriented and I don't don't have the patience for them either.
ALSW ALSW 9 years
Absolutely. I love starting games and playing them intensely for about 2 weeks and then I get bored with them.
Puzzle2397 Puzzle2397 9 years
There's a reason that my Facebook profile says one of my interests is "playing RPGs to various stages of completion but not actually beating them."
zombielove zombielove 9 years
i went 2 weeks straight playing guitar hero and rockband, I'm not exactly known for being the biggest video game player...but music games tickle my fancy...I've been wanting to start play GH again especially since seeing David Cook's commercial :-p
Baby-Girl Baby-Girl 9 years
I definitely burn out on games. I feel another Sims rotation coming as we speak. It's been on y mind lately and I haven't played the game in about 2 months.
MrsWW MrsWW 9 years
I am one of the people that answered other. I don't own a gaming system any more. I haven't for years, so I only play with my grandsons at their house. I'm never there long enough to "burn out." Now if I win this, I'm going to have to invest in my own Wii, lol.
alliallialli alliallialli 9 years
I'll play a game all the way through and love it, then leave it for a few months and start it over, repeating the cycle. I don't know, is that temporary burnout?
k-squared k-squared 9 years
I guess that's why I like games like guitar hero and wii sports (i'm not ashamed!) I can get pro in tennis in about a few hours, and then do it all over again. I never really liked games with plots because I never really liked the increasing difficulty. I'm so lazy, haha.
beingtazim beingtazim 9 years
yes, for sure. this happens to me for all the zelda games! i put down my Phantom Hourglass Ds game for about 5 months and have finally picked it up again to finish it, just this week. I played super smash brothers brawl everyday when i first got it and then not for weeks...until a friend came over and we played with 3 people - such fun...for about 8 hours! it was such a high. that game is so intense! i haven't played it since my friend came over, but will do so again this summer when i go visit my brother. i'm sure he'll be into this game.
hkmarks hkmarks 9 years
Yes, I usually get tired of games as soon as I finish the main plot, if there is one, level up my character as far as I can, or after a couple of months of casual play. I got bored with Final Fantasy X after about 80 hours but it took me 105 to finish. Ugh!
madetoheal madetoheal 9 years
to make it worse, i only really play one game (zelda) and then stop as soon as i get sick of it, then start all over a few months or years later. i have yet to beat it, but i got through the forest temple for the first time last fall! actually, i'm kind of craving it right now. i wonder if we already packed up the gamecube for the upcoming move...
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