I was recently reading an article in the The New York Times where a 17-year old girl and four of her friends were killed in a car crash which police say was caused by three factors: her inexperience at the wheel, driving at high speeds and the text messaging that occurred while she was driving. Two minutes before the accident was reported, the driver had sent a message to one of her friends.

We all know the risks of talking on your cell phone while driving, but is texting just as bad? I guess those few seconds you take to look at the message or write a reply can have fatal results. But then again, I often see people eating, doing their make-up and reading newspapers while driving - scary but true!

We know people can be pretty uninhibited when it comes to car behavior, but are you a chronic text messager while driving? If you are, why do you do it? Boredom? A cheap way to chat with friends? Do tell!