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Do You Think Teens Sext More Than Adults?

On this week's "To Sext or Not to Sext" episode of 90210 Naomi considers acting out her residual prom night frustration on Annie by blasting out an explicit MMS message of Annie as payback. (To be fair, Naomi thinks Annie slept with her boo). It's a dramatic and entertaining plotline, but further reinforced the overwhelming stats and tales of teens sexting at schools.

More than 61 percent of GeekSugar readers have admitted to sexting in the past, which leads me to believe grown-ups are doing it too. Do you think teens sext more, or do you think we just hear about it from the media because of their age?

Photo courtesy of The CW

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paulblakeman paulblakeman 7 years
Where's the "I could care less" option?
serial serial 7 years
I'm left really upset by "To Sext or Not to Sext." Here 90210 is, trying to be topical with a real problem facing teens today and the episode misses probably the most obvious point. These are nude images of minors (at least minors on screen) being taken and transmitted! In other words, random dude Annie f*cked and Naomi are in possession of and distributed child pornography! Totally illegal and should land them on the sex offender's registry. But instead, the episode focused on how these pics were going to ruin the victim's life. True enough, and it probably wasn't the smartest thing for Annie to get drunk and sleep with some random guy who then took pics of her. But what about the consequences for the guy and Naomi? All the guy got was a punch by Dixon who didn't give a damn until the picture actually got out.
djkatscan djkatscan 7 years
Being a teenager is all about testing boundaries from childhood to adulthood. Everything from driving to later curfews, up to and including sex. And cell phones like computers, are something that people can sort of hide behind.
courtiebby courtiebby 7 years
So many people in my school sext. It's 9 weeks into the second semester, and so far I've seen nearly 15 revealing photos of kids going around. It's digusting, really.
kiwigeek kiwigeek 7 years
For teens, a cellphone is basically an extension of their hand... and they're at that hormonal stage... so yes it would almost be like second nature to them.
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