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When I came across this older (as in 2002) picture of Donatella Versace, Madonna, and Gwyneth Paltrow having some fun with Gwyneth's 35mm film camera, it brought me back to the days when I religiously carried my huge film cam to every party and function. Now with digital cameras we have the freedom to take all the shots we want, view them, and delete the ones we don't like on the spot. I'm curious to know how many of you still use 35mm film cameras (hey, I'm not giving mine away any time soon)! And how many of you have completely switched over to the digital. Better yet, you might use a really expensive manual camera packed full of amazing features and functions! Either or, let me know below! Image Source

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janrw janrw 6 years
BOTH, digital for instance gratification and 35mm for playing around in the dark room and experimenting.
lolmisstran lolmisstran 8 years
Digital Camera All The Way :)
craving_vintage craving_vintage 10 years
35mm, digital camera, pssh! I still use my disc and 110 cameras. LMAO!!! Just kidding! Not really a picture taker but if I'm going to be somewhere, where I want the moment remembered, I just buy the disposable cameras. One day, I'll buy a digital.
liladdieshudiva liladdieshudiva 10 years
I use my digital camera a lot. However, a few months ago I purchased slide film. Oh yeah, I have a slide projector that I bought at a yard sale. I just love looking at pictures on my screen.
shannonkay shannonkay 10 years
honestly, when we had just film cameras, I hardly ever took any pictures. When I did remember to take some, I rarely got the film developed. I literally have hardly any pictures of myself past about the 5th grade up to about college. I have about 15 pictures of myself in high school, including the ones I stole from the yearbook staff. Now I take pictures when I remember. I have a small Canon powershot that's small enough to live in my purse so that I can at least not have to remember to bring a camera. I hardly ever print them, but I share them on flickr, and make digital scrapbooking pages and slideshows and things. I rarely print one. When I do it's to frame for a gift. That's okay, what would I do with prints anyway? I lose prints. I don't lose digitals.
catstarr catstarr 10 years
I love using my 88 Nikon SLR 35mm. I also use a standard polaroid camera and have two different digital cameras......I'm a mixed media girl!
PrissyLilBadAss PrissyLilBadAss 10 years
Using a 35mm film camera instead of a digital camera, is like using a carrier pigeon instead of a fax machine. I know, I'm so profound I actually scare myself sometimes. hehehe, just kidding. "Party like a rock star, pound like a porn star, play like an all star!"
ddene5713 ddene5713 10 years
gwenyeth looks like kirsten dunst at that angle.
esk4 esk4 10 years
my grandfather carries his old school 35mm with him EVERYWHERE we have pictures from absolutly every moment in our lives... stacks of albums, tons of framed photos everywhere, I don't think I'd be very good at printing photos out on my own, but if I have a roll of film I can't wait to get it developed so I can finnally see whats on there... plus I look at the pictures in the albums and frams so much mroe than I look at the ones I have saved on my hardrive... so I'm a 35mm girl
colormesticky colormesticky 10 years
Digital all the way, although I still hang onto my old 35mm for some reason.
pinupsweetheart pinupsweetheart 10 years
Digital. I like being able to review my pictures and delete if needed. It is such a waste of money to have a regular camera and end up with only 3 good pictures out of 27.
FlyrFn4eva FlyrFn4eva 10 years
I definately enjoy using both... I love love love love love my Minolta 35mm and it turns out the most amazing pictures. On the other hand, the exilim is amazing for fun party pictures.
theotherhalfofme theotherhalfofme 10 years
i use both actually. i just love my big fancy semiprofessional 35mm camera (canon eos 300). i use it for serious picture taking. i also like digital cameras but more for snapshots. maybe one day i get a professional digital camera, but for now i am very happy with the one i have. i don't own a digital camera, i usually borrow it from my dad or friends. ____________________________________________________ *Sources of clohting are like a pot of gold, you don't give it away easily!!*
maddyme maddyme 10 years
I use digital 90% of the time, but when it comes down to it, I use my 35mm camera to get really good shots that are crisp and clear. I actually have a little backpack dedicated solely for my three cameras- two digital and one film. I also use film for black and white photos because they just aren't the same on a digital.
steen steen 10 years
I'm a big fan of digital photography; it allows you to get the shot just right, and it makes photo processing easier --- you can adjust the contrast, get the effects you want, right there in the camera! I upgraded to a digital SLR --- the Canon XTi --- and I absolutely love it. The photos have a quality that a point-and-shoot can't get, although it does tend to be a bit bulky and is a bit of the pain to carry EVERYWHERE, which is why I'm also replacing my point-and-shoot.
HistoryGeek913 HistoryGeek913 10 years
I have a film SLR camera that I love, and use to take more "artsy" photos, or when I know I am going to have time to fiddle around with all the various dials. I also have a film camera with a panoramic option - which can be fun. I have two digital cameras. A small point and shoot variety that I will take to parties or when I don't plan on taking pictures, but may want to. I also have a high-end Sony non-SLR digital camera that is my "main" camera for most situations. I call it a pusedo-SLR because I can do many of the same customizable settings as an SLR, but the lens is fixed - I can't remove it and replace it with something else. It's perfect because I can point and shoot or be artsy all in one camera. I admit that I am one of the crazy ones who brings all four cameras with me on vacation. I generally don't have all of them on me at any one time, but they are there - just in case. :)
i-heart-monster i-heart-monster 10 years
Oh, but Robyn Tang - if you take pictures like I do, it will come out to less over the course of a year if you convert to digital. You can get a good 1G SD card now for $20 and that will hold close to 500 pictures on a high res setting... Everytime we take a trip, we take between 100-200 pictures, over the course of last year, I uploaded 3000 pictures to my computer. That's 125 rolls of film @ $4 (conservative)/each is $500 just for the film. And the cost of developing is at least $5/roll - so that's another $625... You can buy a pretty decent digital for $200-250!
Karla-Sugar Karla-Sugar 10 years
Digital frees me up to take as many pictures as I want without worrying about some of them being bad. I do love photo albums though, so periodically I get them printed via online service. Perhaps my Canon ELPH took better color, but it took duds in the dark.
glam-sugar glam-sugar 10 years
I'm all about the digital camera but I make sure the shot is good before I click! I first learned photography the old way, I had to make a pinhole camera and develop the film myself so I've got much appreciation for film too.
Mme-Hart Mme-Hart 10 years
Digital...just got a new one with 10X optical zoom and I'm completely addicted! LOL
JessNess JessNess 10 years
I think a lot of people forget how automatic 35mm cameras are. Once you take away the automatic shutter speed and lens openings I think a lot of people will realize how much work really goes into taking a great picture. In all my years of photography with a manual camera I honestly have never had a problem with aligning. Its all about knowing your camera My ultimate dream is to own all of my own dark room equipment one day. Developing photos in a dark room is definitely a dying art. Kodak stopped producing their black and white paper for dark rooms because of was GOOOOOODDDDDDDD paper too. Even in high schools now photo classes are teaching kids how to use digital over manual. I think its sad
Robyn-Tang Robyn-Tang 10 years
I'm part of the dying breed - still using a 35mm film camera! It's embarrassing sometimes but you know... I can't afford to go digital...well it's more that I'm winging it out to buy a digital camera that I really want. In the meantime, my 35mm film camera does a pretty good job.
inertia inertia 10 years
Digital, and it's helped me learn to take better pictures. With the ability to preview pictures immediately and for free, I started experimenting with different settings, angles, light sources, and so on. When I had to pay for film and developing, I never dared to try anything new, I'd just use the idiot-proof basic setting to be on the safe side. I'm still not a good photographer, but I've definitely improved.
stone_soup stone_soup 10 years
Digitals are so much more convenient. You can delete, edit and print them DIY. The only problem I have with digital photos is that when they're printed, they fade v quickly as compared to the old ones. ______________________________________________ I must say, adolescence is one hell of a ride!
sailing-chick sailing-chick 10 years
i have a SLR digital camera with digital lense and I think it takes superior photos to a 35mm film camera (they are nikon cameras and take amazing photos). I scrap book them and print them myself and try not to photoshop - I really look at what i'm taking and try to take an amazing photo - not make them
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