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Do You Use a MiFi?

Some experts are saying that the way we access the Internet in the future will "hinge on the success of small plastic gadgets called MiFis." The personal mobile hotspots are available from all of the major cell phone carriers and are the perfect travel companion. In theory, each person or family will have their own MiFi to carry around (presumably with their tablet or netbook computer) and will access the Internet through that single device instead of paying for separate data plans for each gadget.

I've happily used a MiFi several times and would continue to happily use one. They're easy to use, easy to carry, and relatively inexpensive; the devices cost from $50 to $150, and monthly contracts range from $30 to $60 per month.

Have you started using a MiFi yet? Are you happy with it?

Akasha Akasha 6 years
I checked out the various options when I purchased my iPad and the one that made the most sense for me was the Virgin Mobile one. I could opt not to pay one month if I wasn't using it. It also came with the unlimited option for $40 per month, and it was pretty much the same price as if I had purchased the 3G iPad, but with a better unit plan. I tend to watch a lot of Netflix and Hulu on the iPad when I'm out on the road, in the hotel not driving, and the speed is pretty good Netflix tends to a couple times during each film on the computer or the Wii so it's nothing new. If you're planning on purchasing one and you live in a good Sprint coverage area I highly recommend it.
bsanf3 bsanf3 6 years
Just bought one to replace my PCMCIA Verizon card I used with my TabletPC and to use it with my iPad.
JessiLee99 JessiLee99 6 years
I got a mifi from Verizon about a year ago. I've been really happy with it, as far as mobile broadband, it's great. Really reliable, good coverage, good service. I like not having to hunt for free wifi when I travel or am around town, also, I picked verizon because you can use their wifi hotspots for free, without using your data allotment. I recently saw something cool from virgin mobile, same device, $40 unlimited with no contract. You'd have to buy the device (no rebates, etc) but it's $150, and you can just activate it when you need it, like if you're going to travel. I've heard virgine moblie uses the sprint network, their coverage map isn't as impressive as others, but if you dont plan on going to montana, then who cares.
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