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Do You Use Your Cell During Your Commute?

If you're like me and use your commute time to keep in touch with friends and family members you may want to rethink your habit.

According to a recent article in The Los Angeles Times researchers from the University of Utah have determined that drivers that talk while on the road drive "more hesitantly than undistracted drivers and, as a result, are increasing everyone's average drive time by five to 10 percent."


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MsMO MsMO 9 years
I don't. I wait until I get where I'm going and call them back. I've had too many close calls with people on their cell phones. If my girls are in the car with me I have them answer it for me. I love that on a military post it is banned unless you have a hands free device. I wish the rest of the world would follow the example.
lilwildone1202 lilwildone1202 9 years
katies i SO totally agree- there will be times peopel are going 55 in the left lane and when i finally can past them ill say to myself "ill bet a million dollars you are on your cell phone..."- well lets put it this way-if i was actually MAKING a bet i probably wouldn't need to be working for a while.. and i voted occasionally. i dont LIKE to do it but if its my boyfriend venting...etc. but where i live i'm usually sitting in traffic so i more text in traffic than drive and talk
beingtazim beingtazim 9 years
still don't have one
ktownpolarbear ktownpolarbear 9 years
it's such a bad habit, that i can't help it. usually i'm in the car from anywhere from half and hour to two hours so i try to make the best use of my time. i usually end up using the speakerphone or ear bud/mouthpiece sets instead of those bluetooth things. i used to have one but people could never understand what i was saying.
ilanac13 ilanac13 9 years
i used to take the bus to work and i would never use my cell phone because it's just rude to have so many people on a bus and force them to ilsten to a call. i HATE when other people use theirs. now when i'm commuting from in the city - i can't use my cell on the subway - but in a cab - maybe the occassional call
chakra_healer chakra_healer 9 years
I live in NYC, no driving and no signal on the trains, though I can walk and talk on the cell like a champ! ;) When I lived in elsewhere, I used the speaker or earphone if I had to make a call. Otherwise, I would cherish my alone time in the car.
longhorn_sugar longhorn_sugar 9 years
i use my hands-free safe and it's a lot safer
kitkatherine kitkatherine 9 years
i hate doing it. but every now and then i have to.
aimeeb aimeeb 9 years
I do!
k8-rckstr k8-rckstr 9 years
I never talk on the phone while driving...ever. Everyone I know knows this about me, so if they call while I'm driving I'll pick up the phone and say "driving!" then hang up and call them back when I'm at my destination. I've heard of too many accidents as a result of people talking on their cell phones. Its just not worth risking my life or the lives of other people on the road, in my opinion.
MissMeow MissMeow 9 years
If I had a good headset, I might talk on the phone while I was driving, especially since I have a longish commute. But until I can afford a good one, I don't talk on my phone while driving. If its an emergency and I have to make a call, I always pull over.
heineken67 heineken67 9 years
I do, but my commute is equal parts walking and train ride. No driving involved.
katies104 katies104 9 years
If a driver in front of me is irritating me on the road when I pass them I look and surprise! They almost always are talking on a cell phone. Although people don't realize it, it makes you drive like an idiot. That's why I don't do it.
MandyJoBo MandyJoBo 9 years
This shouldn't be news to anyone. People tried for a long time to justify it by saying they use a headset and don't hold it, but it's just common sense. Or at least I wish it were.
bunnystack bunnystack 9 years
With what car? I live in a city--I commute via the subway. Even if I did have a car, I would never. I find it extremely stupid to use a phone while driving and it drives me nuts when my mom does it, because she makes stupid mistakes (thinks of her running the light on multiple instances).
colormesticky colormesticky 9 years
I do, but I'm trying to get into the habit of using my stupid Bluetooth earpiece.
jav0607 jav0607 9 years
I am hopelessly addicted to my cell phone on my way home from work. There are times I feel like it is my only free time to talk to my grandma or other distant relatives...
julieulie julieulie 9 years
I use my phone all the time on my "commute." But my commute is a 25 minute walk from my condo to work, so I am 99% positive I am not endangering anyone while I walk home and talk on the phone. I work long (long!) hours and if I'm not leaving until 9pm and walking home in the cold and the dark, it's nice to have someone on the other end of the phone to keep me company. :)
kizzmeistah kizzmeistah 9 years
how can u not use it? i have to call my husband to give him a list of things to do or tell him to be ready to go when i get home! :)
verily verily 9 years
I admit to using my phone on long drives. I try not to use the cell phone at all when I'm just in the city driving around, since I have a stick shift and it's hard to balance a cell phone and shifting (re: dangerous!)
glam-sugar glam-sugar 9 years
Only when it's important and I use hands-free when I do.
wren1 wren1 9 years
My brother does this constantly and yells at other cars while he's on the phone. At least he yells amusing things!
SweetnLow SweetnLow 9 years
I probably should have answered "other." I'll take a call if someone calls me, but I usually say- "I can't talk right now I'm driving." (I have a stick shift to blame that on.) I will, however, call my grandmother and let my daughter talk to her.
bingkaycoy bingkaycoy 9 years
Since I'm a very careful driver, I don't talk on my phone while driving. But I promptly return calls.
mediafreak mediafreak 9 years
Only 5 to 10 percent? That's lower than I thought.
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