Earlier this week USA Today featured an article about how "Technology makes porn easier to access at work" and while that seems like a no-brainer, I was struck by how many companies have gone so far as to install devices to block porn and risqué websites on their office supplied computers and portable devices. According to the article, 65 percent of US companies used software to block workers' access to inappropriate websites in 2005. Why have companies set it up? According to USA Today:

About 16% of men who have access to the Internet at work acknowledged having seen porn while on the job, according to a survey for Websense by Harris Interactive in 2006. Eight percent of women said they had. But of those who acknowledged viewing porn sites at work, only 6% of men and 5% of women acknowledged that they had done so intentionally.

The issue of blocking access is especially relevant when it comes to portable wireless devices like laptops and smartphones like the iPhone, which offer easy and seemingly private web access. While I fully understand many of the sites people cruise during the workday could fall into the "Not Safe For Work" (or NSFW) category, I can't imagine accessing porn on my work computer. Am I alone here? Do you intentionally view content you know is NSFW in the office?