Yesterday the New York Times published a hilarious piece, "omg my mom joined facebook!!" written by a mother who (in a possible effort to seem hip and maybe even spy on her kids) joined Facebook, searched for her daughters and befriended all their friends.

Of course, once she became friends with the teens she was allowed access to their steamy profiles as well as the site's infamous news feed, which keeps you up to date when people in your network become friends, break up, go work out and so on. Clearly aware of this, the woman's daughter did not befriend her and even went so far to tell her - via instant messenger of course - "You won’t get away with this. Everyone in the whole world thinks its super creepy when adults have Facebooks.”

I am a firm believer that whoever wants to have an online presence or profile should do so no matter what your age, but I also think there should be a line drawn between being on a site like Facebook to spy on your kids or friends and being on there because you truly want to be a part of the community. This is not to say that parents can't get in on the joys of digital life and if I go by the teen girl's definition, I am probably considered one of those creepy adults online. I guess you just have to embrace it. I ran into an old friend the other day and asked about his dad, to which he said: "He's great. Check him out on Myspace, he just got back from vacation and uploaded some funny pictures." I thought about my mom's love for the Sugar Network and wasn't surprised one bit.