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Reader Redux: Do Your Parents Pay Your Phone Bill?

When a friend (who is gainfully employed) confessed that her parents still pay her phne bill, I was shocked! She had been on a family plan for years, and just hadn't bothered to leave the plan. When I asked if your parents still paid your phone bill, you had some seriously strong (and some shocking) reactions. But about 40 percent of you have parents who still pay your phone bill. Here, what you had to say:

  • "I got my phone when I was sixteen — the condition for me getting a cell phone was that I had to be able to pay for it. I've always paid for my own bill and any new phones I've wanted." — clairestrose
  • "Actually my mom is on my husband and my family plan. She only pays us every once in a while. My younger sister used to be on our plan too." — reboehme
  • "I have trouble taking employed people who have their parents pay their bills seriously. " — joliz
  • "My mom has always paid my phone bill. I'm in college right now and it helps out. " — ManiMartinixo
  • "In college my parents paid for the cell and even for a year or two after while I got on my feet joining the real world but once my job started paying decent I paid my own bill. But when my parents paid my bills if I wanted the fancy phone I had to pay for it on my own. Now, the plan is in my mom's name because of her county discount but I pay the bill every month." — Anonymous
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