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Doctor Who Reveals His "Darkest Days" in 50th Anniversary Preview

Jul 22 2013 - 9:27am

As the Doctor Who crew returned to Comic-Con in San Diego for its third year, the thousands of fans in attendance at the Hall H panel were treated to a first look at the 50th anniversary episode, alongside the show's actors Matt Smith and Jenna Coleman and its executive producer Steven Moffat. Whovian Craig Ferguson moderated the panel, bantering with the audience of proud geeks with "who's taking care of your cats while you're here?" and navigating through the upcoming episode's trailer.

Also on hand were David Bradley and Mark Gatiss, the star and writer, respectively, of An Adventure in Time and Space, the upcoming BBC program that looks at the origin of the series in 1963. What can you expect in the rest of this momentous year for the show? The trailer explained we'd see the Doctor's "darkest days" and showed a whole lot of Ten/Eleven shenanigans, along with appearances from Rose Tyler and the Daleks.

When we spoke with Jenna and Matt, they confirmed the anniversary episode would include three doctors: Ten, Eleven, and the Doctor we were introduced to at the end of the most recent episode, "The Name of the Doctor," as played by John Hurt, and Steven assured us that all plotlines around this mystery Doctor would be wrapped up within the episode.


Read on for highlights from the panel and our interviews with the group.

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We'll have the trailer for the 50th anniversary episode as soon as it's available!

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