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Doctor Who The Girl Who Waited Recap

Doctor Who Recap: The Girl Who Waited

Previews of this week's Doctor Who episode "The Girl Who Waited" exclaimed the story central to Rory and Amy's relationship and a tearjerker. Truth be told, I was wary of these proclamations as I haven't felt connected to the depths of the Pond team. Sure, they grew up together, fell in love, and now travel space and time with one another, even having a half-Timelord baby, but something seemed missing. Their roles rounding out the Doctor's escapades and creating an entertaining ensemble are certain, but a tear-inducing love story was a stretch — until now.

Tearjerker, indeed. An emotional story complicated with Amy's separation from Rory and the Doctor by dual timestreams, this episode solidifies the love of the Ponds despite a climactic, painful choice. Tell me what you thought of Amy and Rory's story after reading more.

  • Least cringe-inducing use of Internet lingo — Before we delve into the serious scenes, how perfect was the Doctor's allusion to Twitter? References to web culture in TV shows and movies often feel awkward and forced. The Doctor asking Amy if she really needs to go back for her phone just to update Twitter seems as natural as a time-traveling nurse.
  • Always stick together — You'd think time travelers who get into crazy adventures would have the good sense to always stay together. The Doctor lands the group on the planet Apalapucia with promises of a vacation paradise, but it's poor timing as the entire planet is under quarantine due to a plague that can kill Timelords in one day while causing no harm to humans. Amy returns to the TARDIS to get her phone, and, on her return to meet up with the other, selects the wrong door of the quarantine facility and is now on her own fast-moving time stream. She remains there while Rory and the Doctor configure her rescue.
  • Keeping the fear of robots alive — Artificial intelligence manufacturers certainly don't get good publicity in the media's portrayal of robots, and the Handbots in this episode are no exception. They're designed to keep the planet free of the virus by providing medicine to visitors who may be infected. The scary part is that their medicine is lethal to humans, so Amy spends her time running from the Handbots, eventually learning to outwit them.
  • Make the Doctor do his research — Because time in Amy's time stream moves so rapidly, a miscalculation by the Doctor results in him and Rory reaching her after she lived 36 years on her own in an alien quarantine.
  • Don't mess with Amy Pond — Hooray! The return of the scrappy Amy Pond. Except she's scrappy because she was hardened by a lifetime alone fighting the well-meaning Handbots. Old Amy became her own protection from an unknown world and feels resentment to the men who never came for her. Despite Rory's pleas to help him reunite with the young Amy, old Amy is resistant. She doesn't want to die, to have her experiences wiped away.
  • The love quote — As young Amy explains to old Amy when they reminisce on their younger selves: "You know when, sometimes you meet someone so beautiful, and then you actually talk to them and five minutes later, they’re as dull as a brick? Then there’s other people, and you meet them and you think, ‘Not bad; they’re OK.’ And then you get to know them, and their face sort of becomes them, like their personality is written all over it. And they just turn into something so beautiful. Rory’s the most beautiful man I’ve ever met." Hello, tears.
  • The Macarena is cool again — For the Doctor to get the Amys into the same time stream, young Amy and old Amy must synchronize their most important memory. They both mime the moves to the Macarena, the moment of their first kiss with Rory.
  • The right choice — As Rory and the Amys return to the TARDIS, we learn from the Doctor the paradox of two Amys on board is much too strong for it to function properly, and a choice must be made. Old Amy begs for a place on the ship and confirmation of her own relevancy. Speaking with Rory through the TARDIS door, she realizes that to create the life they always wanted and grow old together she must sacrifice herself for her younger counterpart. Old Amy succumbs to the Handbots, peaceful with the vision of how much love shone in Rory's face as he carried an injured young Amy to the safety of the TARDIS.
  • How did you like this look into Rory and Amy's relationship? Was the tale of their epic love across time moving, or are you eager for a light-hearted adventure on the show?
    Source: BBC

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