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Doctor Who Recap "Let's Kill Hitler"

Doctor Who Rewind: "Let's Kill Hitler"

We're back Doctor Who fans — season six, part two is now underway. Unlike the cliffhanger before the midseason break where we learn the weight of River Song's identity, watch as the Doctor's army is overpowered and the Ponds' child is taken, this episode brings a, sometimes, light-hearted follow-up to heavy topics (such as a kidnapped child) and even more timey-wimey questions that will undoubtedly keep us hanging on the rest of the season.

After watching the episode where do you see the Doctor and his companions headed this season? Were you thrown for any curveballs in the series return? Let's recount some of the biggest moments below!

  • Quickest use of character — Welcome, Mels, the Ponds' childhood best friend who neither the Doctor nor the audience knew existed. In a flashback, we see that Mels was the troublesome counterpart to Amy and Rory's early friendship and school days. It did feel a bit strange to introduce Mels only to have her quickly regenerate into River Song. Plus one to the Doctor for acknowledging the strangeness of Mels's appearance, "You named your daughter . . . after your daughter."
  • Episode Red Herring — For a show titled "Let's Kill Hitler," the villain is quite literally pushed aside into a cupboard and forgotten about. Head writer and executive producer, Steven Moffatt, recently said the only way he felt he could include Hitler in any sort of plot device was to mock him and treat him with irreverence. I didn't mind its basic afterthought, as it did serve as the reasoning for the appearance of the Teselecta, the time-traveling justice league bent on taking down the universe's biggest war criminals. After all, the episode's goal is to explain River Song's origins and her journey to becoming the Doctor's trusted confidante. Rory's moment of punching Hitler is a great scene for Rory fans and continuation of the Rory-the-warrior theme.
  • Timelord to timelord — In previous episodes, prior to knowing her identity, we have seen the Doctor's only match to be fellow time traveler River Song. Despite River's reveal as the Doctor's bespoke psychopath, trained by Madame Kovarian and the Silence to kill him, their quick-witted toe to toe in Hitler's office speaks volumes of their future adventures through time.

Chat about more important moments and your thoughts on last night's episode when you read more.

  • The laws of time travel — Despite the Doctor's near death in Berlin, we learn fixed-time points do exist and his death at the lake in 2011 Utah is one of those fixed points. After retrieving his death date from the Teselecta's records, the Doctor says foreknowledge is a dangerous thing. I expect a return to Utah this season for the Doctor to address his fate.
  • A silent reveal — A crucial reveal in this episode is that the Silence isn't an alien species; it's a religious group bent on taking down the Doctor. Why? He has something to do with the answer to the universe's oldest question. A question that is right in front of everyone. Doctor WHO, perhaps?
  • River Song, the hero — Though she originally poisoned him with a tainted kiss, River saves the Doctor by using all of her future regenerations to keep him from death. As the Doctor reports to her parents, this first date is filled with mixed signals. What was it that the Doctor whispered to River that made her forgo her programmed brainwashing so quickly? Those few words must have been powerful for River to go from villain to sacrificial hero within one scene.

  • The Doctor lies — Though the beginning of the episode shows Amy and Rory frantic to get their baby back as promised by the Doctor, the conclusion implies that the Ponds and the audience must be fine with knowing that Melody grows from a kidnapped, brainwashed, and traumatized child into the River Song they left in recovery at the hospital. While it could be easy to say that the characters can't further interrupt her timeline now that she's regenerated into River, shifts in one's timeline hasn't been an anomaly in the show. If Amy's timeline could change to have her grow up with parents, whereas we first knew her as an orphan, why can't the same occur for Melody at least as a small child? Though the Doctor said he would get Amy and Rory's baby back, it seems that they will only get the knowledge that she ends up the nonpsychotic, romantic partner to the Doctor, though they will have had no place in the formation of her character.

Phew, quite a few reveals in one episode! Share your comments, reactions, and theories in the comments below. What do you think is the question the Silence is looking to answer? Are you satisfied learning the history of River Song?

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sabs sabs 6 years
this episode was AHMAZE! i can't believe how fun it was. Although yes Mel sorted of left as fast as she arrived. I love the idea that we hadn't heard of her because she didn't exist the first time around. One of the best episodes ever. Although the series has really changed. WIth this doctor, it's definitely an ensemble show now whereas before it was always the doctor and his lovely companions. Gah, can't wait for more.
Captainpicard Captainpicard 6 years
I thought it was great, but I agree that some elements were done away with too quickly. I would have loved to have seem more Amy+Mels+Rory pastime awkwardness, or maybe spent a little more time tying up loose ends from last season.
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