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Doctors Say Video Games Lead To Psychiatric Disorder

A council from the nation's largest doctors' group is working to have "video game behavior" officially classified as a psychiatric disorder, to raise awareness and enable sufferers to get insurance coverage for treatment.

The group prepared a report for the American Medical Association's annual policy meeting which is being held this week in Chicago and hopes to lobby for the disorder to be included in a widely used mental illness manual created and published by the American Psychiatric Association. The report says that 90 percent of American youth play video games and as many as 15 percent of them, which is more than 5 million kids, may be addicted.

According to the AP, that addiction translates into gamers yelling, ignoring their friends and family, not showering, not eating properly and letting their responsibilities and school work slide. The story also references a kid who went from being an "outgoing, academically gifted teen" to a "reclusive manipulator who flunked two 10th grade classes and spent several hours day and night playing World of Warcraft."

Personally, I'm sick and tired of people blaming video games and culture for all the troubles in the lives of adolescents - particularly males - and while internet or video game addictions can't be taken lightly, I'm not convinced World of Warcraft could turn someone into a "reclusive manipulator." Then again, I'm no doctor and I'm not addicted to video games. What do you think? Would you classify video game addiction as a psychiatric disorder?

Seraphim Seraphim 10 years
my brother has an ADDICTION........ it is what it is......and its SAD :( he doesnt leave the house, eats at his computer, and does NOTHING to benefit himself in this life because his gaming friends need him online at a certain time... its even more sad when your over a certain age EHEM and if your a young kid in grammer school/high school ect. its the parents that are to blame and not a gaming system... it effects family/friends/your relationships ect. i'm not saying ALL people that play video games are video game addicts but it CAN and DOES happen,... and when it does the people that are actually addicted don't even know they are...
misogi misogi 10 years
Video games won't ruin the life of someone who's mentally stable, period.
Calimie Calimie 10 years
Ridiculous. Of course you can get addicted to videogames, just like you can get addicted to the Internet, alcohol, shopping or dieting. Just because some people have a problem with videogames does not mean that they are dangerous.
queenlurline queenlurline 10 years
I think any addiction is a problem, and any of those things can be linked to other addictions. And I think we need to prevent them instead of trying to reverse them.
christie christie 10 years
I'm a psychology major and we've been debating about this in conferences and other such instances. Our conclusion was that yes they can be addictive, but can't everything? But we do not agree that it should be a psychiatric disorder. According to the DSM, it wouldn't fit currently, but if there are other issues with the person, the gaming could be an outward sign of some other psychiatric issue. Hope that made some sense.
rlveronica rlveronica 10 years
I don't necessarily think that it will lead to a Psychiatric disorder but I also don't agree with kids staying in all day doing nothing but play video games. You're a kid. Go outside and play a sport!
woodycakes woodycakes 10 years
well i guess too much of anything can lead to a disorder.
jeeeska jeeeska 10 years
Parents just don't realize the social repercussions of letting their children play video games all day. All they need is a kick in the ass and tell them to go get a life. There have been kids that have died because they went days on playing video games without eating, but that could have been fixed with a bit of discipline.
poetess poetess 10 years
No! Put that remote down and take a shower! I think it would be no more addictive than the internet or t.v. . . anything could become addictive. It is an excuse because once a problem is stated, there will be all sorts of cures, drugs, prevention et cetera to get someone's money.
aistea311 aistea311 10 years
queencessjosie queencessjosie 10 years
Just because a parent doesn't stop their child from spending their lives in front of a video game console, doesn't mean that it isn't the kid's problem. A lot of children have problems that have been afflicted upon them by their parents, or a lack of parenting skills. The point is (to me at least), that any addiction (in the most grave sense of the word) is maladaptive. ...And I sure as hell would not let my child stop showering and seeing the outside world for a damn video game.
Shleebs Shleebs 10 years
I think it's being reconsidered:,1697,2150710,00.asp Either way, I think "video game addiction" is moreso a case of a person with an addiction-prone/ undisciplined behavior pattern getting carried away, unlike alcoholism or other actual addictive substances.
Jivespeaker Jivespeaker 10 years
I think this is a lack of parenting more than a bonafied addiction problem. You can get addicted to anything and we can't protect everyone from everything. This is the parents job not the state or government to put limits on people. You can find a doctor these days to say that just about everything is bad for you. Walking is bad you might fall! Sleeping is bad you may never wake up! My Lord...
colormesticky colormesticky 10 years
Video games aren't at fault, and it bugs me that people keep trying to blame their own careless parenting on something else. Some people have addictive personalities. I accept that. But if they don't latch on to WoW they'll just latch on to something else.
RaRaJulia RaRaJulia 10 years
coughcoughBULLcoughcough. I've been a gamer my entire natural born life. I looooooooooove playing WoW, sometimes I tell people they can't come over and hang out because I'm too busy playing some sort of instance. But by no means am I psychotic. I don't run myself into speeding cars. I don't staple my thighs. I don't shoot up schools. I GO to school and I have a full time job and a very social life, despite every once in a while holing myself up in my apartment to play WoW. Parents need to take ownership for their children. Children don't know anybody unless they're taught, I'm really sick of people blaming the media for idiots as well. -JR
ikitty13 ikitty13 10 years
An addiction is an addiction. Alcohol or video games. But the thing is... these are kids.... their parents have the ability and the responsibility to limit their game play so that the kids don't become addicted.
aistea311 aistea311 10 years
I'm sorry, but I would have to disagree. True there are people out their that dedicate their lives to becoming a level 70 Warlock in WoW, or beating everyone in Halo 2, but that is a few out of millions. Video Games stimulate the mind. I have such A.D.D. When I play, but there are people who become more alert in their real lives because they learn to focus more from games. Hey, if it wasnt for games like Pac-Man or Donkey Kong when I was a kid, who knows if I would be as computer savvy as I am now!
glam-sugar glam-sugar 10 years
I'm addicted to video game but I certainly never let my responsibilities slide (for too long lol) or forget to shower. Parents can easily rip the console out of the entertainment center if they need to. It's not the fault of the console/game that kids aren't disciplined.
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