When I purchased my first computer, laptop, and MP3 player, the last thing I cared about was its color — I was just overjoyed to be able to call one of these gadgets my very own (plus they didn't come in cool colors like red or pink).

Nowadays, whether it be laptops, iPods, or USB flash drives, you can usually find your favorite gadget in your favorite color as well. But I must admit, seeing candy-colored external hard drives is a rarity. When external drives become just as popular as flash drives, I'll understand why they need to be splashed in 11 different colors like these My Passport Essential Portable Drives. For some reason, I think of black when I think of a hard drive, but then again, that's me having to adapt to hard drives being just as beautiful as every other gadget I own . . . But I do love my pink eGo, so maybe there is a part of me that cares.

What do you think? Do you care what color your external hard drive is?