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The Worst Place a Dog Could Ever Nap, Plus More of the Week's Best Pics

May 25 2014 - 9:05am

There's no better way to enjoy this fine holiday weekend than by recapping the best photos of the week on the picture-hosting site Imgur [1]. This time around, get your laughing fix from a kid who tried to outsmart her teacher, parents who should never be allowed to text, a new version of The Hobbit, and many more funnies. We're leaving the captions just as they were written when posted, but we (highly) encourage you to come up with your own.

Source: Reddit user youtbuddcody via Imgur [2]

"Brew am I to disagree?"

Source: Reddit user plasmicmac via Imgur [3]

"As a Target employee, its easy to get fed up."

Source: Reddit user cheapdrummer via Imgur [4]

"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take."

Source: Reddit user CreativeUsername420 via Imgur [5]

"I find few vanity plates clever . . . "

Source: Reddit user fightingdove via Imgur [6]

"Why Parents Shouldn’t Be Allowed To Have Phones."

There are more texts where that came from [7].

Source: Imgur user LostSailorGirl [8]

"Seen on a college campus."

Source: Reddit user thatonegirl435 via Imgur [9]


Source: Reddit user Vio_ via Imgur [10]

"Adam Savage tweeted this cool photo. 'This is the awesome Silvia. She's come to Maker Faire and taken a photo with me holding last year's pic for 5 years!'"

Source: Reddit user Randyy1 via Imgur [11]

"The Hobbit, By Peter Jackson."

Source: Reddit user DividingPrescott via Imgur [12]

"She chose the wrong place to take a nap."

Source: Reddit user youtbuddcody via Imgur [13]

"Dating Sucks."

Source: Imgur user ireallyfuckingloverainbows [14]

"Japan doesn't sugarcoat their clothing sizes."

Source: Reddit user samesongtwice via Imgur [15]

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